Whisper Arnavutköy

First, thank you very much for that you want to know the Whisper.
We can introduce Whisper with a very professional writing out of hand, but we do not.
Whisper discovered here as a family, often to the comments we received from visitors who know best are introducing ourselves to you by adding our own ideas.
Whisper; by its location, transportation convenience and warm neighborhood culture, is located in a combination of outstanding historic mansions in the basement Arnavutkoy.
It combines a decoration which World popular culture interpreted with, the gardens and seaside.
Our garden where you can enjoy views of the neighborhood and throat can turn to one of Istanbul’s most fashionable venues with a door.
Whisper is such a place that prefers to be with you in every hour of the day.
to drink after lunch or in the afternoon, the club offers a service where you can get fit in for dinner and after.
Friday – Saturday night till 2:30, We are with you until 01:30 from Tuesday to Thursday.
Our kitchen is defined as “modern brasserie”, lets try to explain it in details like that:
We offer you the most outstanding examples of Turkish and international cuisine by our own review.
Rich snack menu, starters and main courses were selected by reviewing many times.
Whisper relies to its bar and music at least its cuisine.
We offer an extensive drink menu and we offer you to continue with us on the night.